We Micro Give Round Ups

Let’s Help Your Charity!

Together, let’s transform your donor giving to automated monthly recurring donations.

Donors register, choose your charity, and then select their most used credit card or checking/debit account where we will round up their daily transactions. Then every month, from the sum of all of those round ups, we’ll make the donation to your charity. For a $2.49 transaction the round up will be $.51 (less transactions fees). Donors average about 50 purchase transactions per month for an average of $.44 per round up, that’s a $22 donation… every month!

Donors have access to over 10 thousand banking institutions in the United States and can choose from over 1.5 million IRS registered charities.

We provide all the tools you’ll need to communicate effectively with your donors. This includes:

  • Your charity’s We Micro Give custom landing page
  • Your Charity Dashboard to view donors and their contributions
  • The We Micro Give Program Guide
  • Ideas for Newsletter Inserts and Talking Points
  • Email Templates
  • Project Planning and Sign Up Sheets

There is no out of pocket costs to your charity.  Donors receive a 100% tax deduction for donations to your charity. Your charity receives up to 92% of the contribution based on the donor’s payment selection. We Micro Give collects a 5% administration fee with the balance of fees collected by financial and donation processing services.

New Donors + Existing Donors = Growing Donations

All information is confidential and will only be used to deliver the information you need to begin a round up program for your charity.