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“Round Up” to support FIRST STAR INC!

Round Up Giving: An Easy and Powerful Way to Give!

Round ups let you donate your electronic “spare change” to support:


Just make a credit or debit card purchase and we’ll automatically round up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference. Buy a cup of coffee for $2.49 and donate $.51!

It’s simple, safe and you have full control over your donations.

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We make it easy to donate your spare change… starting today.



Sign up is quick and easy. Your round ups will begin to accumulate throughout the month.



Select your favorite charity from over 1.5 million non-profit organizations. Search and select your favorite!



Your giving options: Round ups or Fixed amount each month and with your choice of a maximum amount.



Easily and securely link to your banking account or credit cards for round ups and month-end donations.


Here is a summary of common questions – If you do not find your answer,


Round-Ups? In a $2.49 charge, $.51 is the roundup.

With your permission, we’ll access the banking transactions for the credit or debit card that you’ve selected. When you make a purchase, we’ll “round up the change” to the next whole dollar (for a $2.49 charge, $.51 is the round up.) . These will be totaled, then once a month a donation will be made to your charity. Donations will be made when the total is $8 or more.

Which Charities? I.5 Million US Charities.

All US charities (501C3) are eligible for donations. We Micro Give’s partners ensure that the charity is current on its tax status at the federal and state level.

Which Banks and Accounts? All major US Banks.

Donors have access to all major banking institutions in the United States. On selecting their bank, donors can choose an account to use for round ups and then select the account from which they will make their donations.

Donation Limit? Set your own over $8.

Options are available to limit the amount of donations with $8 being the minimum. In addition, “whole dollar” round-ups (i.e. the transaction ends in $.00) can either be rounded up to a $1.00 or ignored. Also, donors can choose to add an extra fixed amount to their round-ups or simply set a fixed amount each month.

Reporting? Your giving dashboard.

Donors can access their “dashboard” that contains their round up activity for the current month and a summary of all of their donation history. Donors can update their giving options, select a new charity (with this charity used for that month’s donation), or change donor’s banking accounts.

Charity Contribution? Up to 92% of the round ups.

Donors receive a 100% tax deduction for donations to their charity. The charity receives up to 92% (from donor checking) or 87% (from donor credit cards) of the contribution based on the donor’s payment selection. We Micro Give collects a 5% administration fee with the balance of fees collected by financial and donation processing services. Additional information is in our Terms and Conditions.

Security? No bank access information is stored.

We Micro Give does not access or hold any financial login data.

We use advanced 2048 signatures and 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. In real language: your financial transactions are secure through institutions that process billions of transactions per month. Additional details are in our Privacy Statement.

Charity Programs Here’s how we can help.

Marketing programs are available to accelerate your charity’s online giving campaigns. Please contact at us at